About Me

Who I Am

I identify as a Latina immigrant and queer woman of color. My learning experiences encompass immigration, extensive travel, and a broad exploration of culture, history, politics, development studies, activism, community-building, and nature.

Education & Qualifications

I received a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University, a Master’s in Social Anthropology from Oxford University, and a Bachelor’s in Astronomy & Physics and Latin American Studies from Yale University.

What I am like as a counselor

  • I love listening to clients’ life stories and formative experiences
  • I focus on clients’ relationships, identities, and values
  • I pay attention to how the past shapes our present life and patterns
  • I encourage clients to express their feelings
  • I challenge clients to reach towards connection and growth
  • I practice with laughter, lightness, and a deep appreciation for life


I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Hablo Español, Inglés, y Portugués. Falo Português, Espanhol, e Ingles.